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Chapter Nine

Description of Sri Madhyadvipa and Naimisa

All glories to Lord Gauracandra and Prabhu Nityananda! All glories to Gadadhara and the devotees headed by Srivasa! All glories to Navadvipa, the topmost abode of devotees!

When night had ended, Sri Nityananda, intoxicated with songs of Gaura, went off with the devotees. They were absorbed in love of God and distributed that supreme bliss along the way. Coming to Madhyadvipa, Nityananda smiled and said, "This is Majida-grama  The seven rsis stayed here a long time and engaged in worshipping Gauranga.

"In Satya-yuga, the rsis began singing the glories of Gaura in their father's presence. Completely absorbed, they begged for the eternal treasure of gaura-prema. Lord Brahma was pleased with his seven sons and told them, 'Go to Navadvipa and sing the glories of Gaura, then you will easily attain prema. Whoever gets the mercy of the dhama, gets the association of devotees. Then, by worshipping in the association of devotees, you will become absorbed in krsna-prema. That is the supreme activity. Whoever gets attraction for Navadvipa will receive the benediction of living in Vraja. To live in the spiritual dhama and recite the name of Gaura is the only aspiration of the devotees.

"The seven rsis took their father's instructions to heart and came to this place. When they arrived, they engaged in dancing and chanting the name of Hari. They begged for gaura-prema while singing the Lord's glories in a loud voice, 'O Gaurahari, be merciful and reveal Yourself to us just once! Being offenders, we have followed many paths, but now we are taking to the path of devotional service.

"The rsis underwent austerities and became firmly situated in devotional service by worshipping Gauranga. They completely gave up eating and sleeping and simply recited the name of Gaura.Around noon (madhyahna), the all-merciful Lord Gauranga appeared before the rsis.

"The Lord was as brilliant as a hundred suns, and He attracted the minds of the yogis. He appeared with the Panca-tattva. How extraordinary was that form! His form had a beautiful golden hue. Around His neck was a garland of flowers, and His glittering ornaments illuminated all directions. His glance was beautiful, His hair was long and curled, and a dot of sandalwood decorated His forehead. He wore three-folded cloth, a shining thread, and His neck was decorated with a beautiful jasmine garland. Seeing this form, the rsis were enchanted and they humbly petitioned, 'We surrender to Your lotus feet. Please give us devotion.'

"Hearing the rsis' prayer, Gaurahari replied, 'Listen rsis. Give up all desires, the chains of jnana and karma, and just discuss topics of Krsna. Within a short time will unfold My lila in Navadvipa. Then you will see My pastimes of nama-sankirtana. But now, keep this subject a secret. Worship Krsna at Kumarahatta at the ghata made by you.

"When Lord Gauranga disappeared, the seven rsis went to Kumarahatta. At this place now you see seven tilas, or hillocks. These seven hills are arranged in the same pattern as the seven rsis in the sky (the constellation). By living here one will receive Gaurahari without having to undergo a strict process of rules and regulations.

"To the south of this see one stream, the very pure Gomati River. Beside it is Naimisaranya. At the beginning of Kali-yuga, the rsis headed by Saunaka heard about Gauranga from the mouth of Suta. Whoever reads the Puranas here during the month of Kartika becomes free from all distress, becomes absorbed in the pastimes of Gauranga, and easily attains Vrndavana. Giving up his bull carrier, Siva once mounted Sri Hamsa-vahana, Brahma's swan, and came here to hear the recitation of the Puranas. Along with his followers, he sang the glories of Gaura. While singing and dancing, the followers surrounded Siva, and shouting the name of Gaurahari, threw heaps of flowers all around."

On hearing the words of Nityananda, Jiva became spiritually excited and began rolling on the ground in ecstasy as he tasted the influence of the dhama. The devotees spent the day there in the association of Nityananda and the next day they went to take darsana of Puskara.

 Bhaktivinoda, within whom the ever worshipable Jahnava and Nitai have appeared, sings the glories of Nadia and the sweetness of the devotees while tasting transcendental flavors.

In the current Manu's reign, the seven sages are: Kasyapa. Atri. Vasistha,  Visvamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni, and Bharadvaja.


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