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Chapter Eleven Part 1

Sri Koladvipa

All glories to Sri Caitanya! All glories to Nityananda! All glories to Sri Advaita Prabbu and the devotees of Lord Caitanya headed by Srivasa! All glories to Gaura-bhumi, the essence of all abodes, where Sri Caitanya descended with the holy name.

Nityananda spoke, "Listen everyone! This is Pancaveni, where five rivers join the Ganges. The Bhagirathi mixes with the Mandakini and Alakananda, and the Sarasvati flows here hidden from view. From the west, the Yamuna flows along with the Bhogavati. The Manasa-ganga also quickly flows there. This place is called Maha-Prayaga by the rsis, who performed millions of sacrifices here along with Lord Brahma. The glories of this place are incomparable. If one takes bath here, he will not take another birth. Who can describe the glories of this place? All other tirthas become like dried up rivers in comparison. One who leaves his body here on the earth, in the air, or in the water will attain Sri Goloka Vrndavana. This place, known as Kuliya Pahada, is situated on the bank of the Ganges and is raised up like a mountain. This place is called Koladvipa in the scriptures. Now hear one story from Satya-yuga.

"A young brahmana named Vasudeva was always engaged in the service of Varaha. As he worshipped the form of Varaha, he always prayed to the Lord in these words 'Please be merciful and appear before me. Let my eyes and life be successful.' Saying this, he cried and rolled on the ground. 'If my Lord does not show Himself, my life is worthless.' "


"Shortly thereafter, the merciful Lord showed Himself to Vasudeva in the form of a boar. His body was decorated with ornaments, and His feet, neck, nostrils, face, and eyes were all-attractive. His body was as tall as a mountain. Seeing him, the brahmana thought himself very fortunate. He fell on the earth and offered his respects. Crying and confused, he rolled on the ground.

"Seeing the vipra's devotion, Varaha sweetly said, 'O Vasudeva, as you are My devotee, I am satisfied by your worship. When Kali-yuga comes I will display My pastimes here. Hear My words. In the three worlds, there is no comparison to Navadvipa. Though it is hidden now, it is My very dear abode. The scriptures confirm that all holy places such as Brahmavarta reside here.

 "'The place where Brahma performed a sacrifice and I appeared to kill Hiranyaksa with My tusks, that holy place is present here, where I have appeared now. By serving Navadvipa, all tirthas are served, and by living in Navadvipa, the fruit of living at all other tirthas is attained. You are fortunate to serve Me in Navadvipa. When Gauranga advents, you will be born here again. You will see the maha-sankirtana and the astounding form of Gauranga.'

"After. speaking these words, Varaha disappeared, and the Vipra researched the meaning of the Lord's words. Being a great pandita, Vasudeva scrutinized the scriptures and thus clearly understood that during the reign of Vaivasvata Manu, at the beginning of Kali-yuga, Lord Gauranga would manifest His pastimes at Nadia. The sages kept this secret, but they indicated by hints so that intelligent men could understand. After the Lord manifested His pastimes on earth, the scriptural evidences would also become clear. Thus the brahmana received the hint about the secret truths of Gaura.

"In great bliss, the brahmana performed sankirtana. He constantly sang the name of Gaura within his mind. After seeing the mountainous form of Varaha, Vasudeva carefully decided to call this place Koladvipa Parvata [kola-boar; parvata-mountain], but it is now known as Parvata. The devotees know that this is Giri Govardhana of Vrndavana.


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