Chapter 10

Avasesamrtam - Divine Remnants of Nectar

        sankirtyamano bhagavan anantah
        srutanubhavo-vyasanam hi pumsam
        pravisya cittam vidhunoty asesam
        yatha tamo 'rko 'bhram ivati-vatah
          Bha: 12.12.48

        When the singing of the glorious qualities of the Supreme Lord Hari's personality is heard, He enters into the hearts of men to banish all their miseries, as the sun dispels the darkness and strong winds disperse the clouds.

        mrsa-giras ta hy asatir asat-katha
        na kathyate yad bhagavan adhoksajah
        tad eva satyam tad uhaiva mangalam
        tad eva punyam bhagavad-gunodayam
          Bha: 12.12.49

        "Those words in which the glory of the transcendental Lord Sri Hari are not sung - such imaginary, deceptive utterances are to be known as falsehood. And those words in which the divine qualities of the Lord appear - such expressions are to be known as truth, the bestower of all success, and the source of all virtue."

        tad eva ramyam ruciram navam navam
        tad eva sasvan manaso mahotsavam
        tad eva sokarnava-sosanam nrnam
        yad uttamah-sloka-yaso 'nugiyate
          Bha: 12.12.50

        "Those words in which the renown of Uttamahsloka Sri Hari (He, the singing of whose glories destroys the ignorance of the world) are broadcast at every second - such expressions alone constantly bestow newer and newer nectar, they inaugurate the heart's grand festival, and they dissolve the ocean of lamentation."

        na tad vacas-citra-padam harer-yaso
        jagat-pavitram pragrnita karhicit
        tad anksa-tirtham na tu hamsa-sevitam
        yatracyutas tatra hi sadhavo 'malah
          Bha: 12.12.51

        "Those utterances that despite their charming, ornamental presentation never describe the renown of Sri Hari, which alone purifies the universe - such words attract only crow-like, superficial men, but they are never attended by the learned. This is because the immaculate-hearted sadhus adore the melodious words that sing the glories of the Supreme Lord."

        yasah sriyam eva parisramah paro
        avismrtih sridhara-padapadmayor
        Bha: 12.12.54

        "The prescribed duties of the Varnasrama hierarchy, performance of austerity, and study of the Scriptures - belabored adherence to such practices merely panders to one's reputation and influence. But by the divine services beginning with devotedly hearing the glories of the Lord, the supreme reward of never forgetting the lotus feet of Sri Hari is gained."

        tasyaravinda-nayanasya padaravinda-
        antar-gatah sva-vivarena cakara tesam
        sanksobham aksarajusam api citta-tanvoh
            Bha: 3.15.43

        "A beautiful fragrance emanated from the Tulasi united with the stamens of the lotus flowerlike feet of the lotus-eyed Supreme Lord. When the breeze carrying that divine fragrance entered the nostrils (of the Catuh-sana), it caused jubilation in their hearts, and the hairs of their bodies stood erect, despite their zealous attachment to the non-differentiated Brahman."

        atmaramas ca munayo, nirgrantha apy urukrame
        kurvanty ahaitukim bhaktim, ittham-bhuta-guno harih
                Bha: l.7.10

        "Those sages who, being merged in the bliss of the spirit soul, are totally free from the binding knot of mental images - they too engage in the unmotivated service of Sri Krsna, the performer of marvelous deeds. This is but one of the qualities of the Supreme Lord Hari, who charms the entire world."

        srnvatah sraddhaya nityam, grnatas ca sva-cestitam
        natidirghena kalena, bhagavan visate hrdi
            Bha: 2.8.4

        "Swiftly does the Lord enter into the hearts of those who with faith constantly hear and chant the glories of His personality."

        nigama-kalpa-taror galitam phalam
        pibata bhagavatam rasam alayam
        mahur aho rasika bhuvi bhavukah
          Bha: l.l.3

        "This Holy Scripture, which describes the glories of the Supreme Lord, has descended intact from the wish-fulfilling tree of the Vedas, and it is enhanced by the nectar of the lotus mouth of Sri Sukadeva Goswami. O connoisseurs of the mellows of devotion, please constantly relish this fruit, which is the embodiment of those mellows. O devotees blessed with heart's devotion, as long as you are not utterly dissolved in the reality of ecstasy, that is, as long as your hearts are not merged in devotional mellow, then taste the Srimad-Bhagavatam in your life in this world (as a pure votary of Divinity); and even when your hearts are overflooded, you will perpetually continue to drink this supreme nectar divine."

        upakramamrtan caiva, sri-sastra-vacanamrtam
        bhakta-vakyamrtan ca sri-, bhagavad-vacanamrtam
        avasesamrtan ceti pancamrtam mahaphalam
        bhakta-pranapradam hrdyam, granthe 'smin parivesitam

        Comprised of five nectars (pancamrtam) respectively entitled Upakramamrtam, Sri Sastra-vacanamrtam, Sri Bhakta-vacanamrtam, Sri Bhagavad-vacanamrtam, and Avasesamrtam (Prelude to Approaching Nectar, The Nectar of Scriptural Word, Words of Nectar from the Devotees, Words of Nectar from the Supreme Lord, and The Divine Remnants of Nectar), the supreme fruit that gives life to the devotees and delights their hearts has been served in this book.

        sri-caitanya-hareh sva-dhama-vijayac catuh-satabdantare
        srimad-bhaktivinoda-nandana-matah karunya-saktir-hareh
        srimad-gaura-kisorakanvaya-gatah sri-krsna-sankirtanaih
        sri-siddhanta-sarasvatiti-viditas caplavayad-bhutalam

        Within four hundred years after Sri Caitanyahari returned to His holy abode, a great soul descended in divine succession from Srila Gaura Kisora Babaji Maharaja, as the potency of Lord Krsna's mercy incarnate. Recognized as the joy of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura and renowned throughout the universe as Srimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati, he flooded this earth planet with boundless Sri Krsna-sankirtana.

        saubhagyatisayat sudurllabham api hy asyanukampamrtam
        labdhvodara-mates tadiya karunadesan ca sankirtanaih
        sat-sangair labhatam pumartha-paramam sri-krsna-premamrtam
        ity esa tv anusilanodyama ihety agas ca me ksamyatam

        A great fortune came down upon me. Although it was the rarest thing, I received the nectar of that great soul's mercy through his gracious ordinance: 'By performing Sankirtana in sadhu-sanga, may you fulfill the ultimate goal of your life - Sri Krsna-prema.' So now, I try to practice this; may I be forgiven for any offenses in my attempt.

        sri-srimad-bhagavat-padambuja-madhu-svadotsavaih sat-padair
        niksipta madhu-bindavas ca parito bhrasta mukhat gunjitaih
        yatnaih kincid ihahrtam nija-para-sreyo 'rthina tan maya
        bhuyo-bhuya ito rajamsi pada-samlagnani tesam bhaje

        "The bees, intoxicated in the festival
    of drinking the honey of the Lord's lotus feet,
        busily humming the glories of the Lord,
    drops of honey from their mouths fall and scatter all around;
        for my own divine prospect, I've carefully collected
    some of those drops herein -
        and thus do I worship the dust of the holy lotus feet
    of those saints, again and again."

        granthartham jada-dhi-hrdi tv iha mahotsahadi-sancaranair
        yesan catra satam satirtha-suhrdam samsodhanadyais ca va
        yesan capy adhame krpa mayi subha pathadibhir vanyatha
        sarvesam aham atra pada-kamalam vande punar vai punah

        In the preparation of this book, those who have infused vitality within my poor heart, or who have assisted in the study, reading, or amendment of the book, or who have in any other way contributed toward its production - unto the lotus feet of all those well-wishing Godbrothers and good devotees who have extended or who may in the future extend their goodwill upon this humble soul, I hereby offer my obeisances again and again.

        gaurabde jaladhisu-veda-vimite bhadre-sita-saptami
        tatra sri-lalita-subhodaya-dine sriman-navadvipake
        ganga-tira-manorame nava-mathe caitanya-sarasvate
sadbhih sri-guru-gaura-pada-saranad-granthah samaptim gatah

        At the charming new temple of the name Sri Caitanya Saraswata Math, situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga, at Sri Dhama Navadvipa, and in the association of the devotees, in the shelter of the lotus feet of the Divine Master and the Supreme Lord Sri Caitanyadeva this work was completed on the Holy Advent Day of Sri Lalita Devi - the seventh day of the bright moon of Bhadra in the year 457 Gaurabda (7th September, 1943).

iti sri-prapanna-jivanamrte avasesamrtam nama dasamo 'dhyayah

thus ends the tenth chapter
The Divine Remnants of Nectar

thus ends
Life-Nectar of the Surrendered Souls
Positive and Progressive Immortality
May this be an offering unto Lord Sri Krishna

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