Parishads: Sri Sadashiva Pandit

by Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaja

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Sadashiva Pandit is considered a Chaitanya branch of the tree of divine love. He was a resident of Nabadwip who participated in the beginnings of the sankirtan movement. When Nityananda Prabhu first arrived in Nabadwip, he stayed in his house.

Sadashiva Pandit placed all his hopes at the Lordís feet. His house was Nityananda Prabhuís first residence in Nabadwip. (Chaitanya Charitamrita 1.10.34)

Sadashiva Pandit, in whose home Nityananda had previously been domiciled, also went [with the party of devotees to Jagannath Puri]. (Chaitanya Bhagavat 3.8.19)

In Vrindavan Das Thakurís Chaitanya Bhagavat, Sadashiva Panditís name is included in the list of devotees who were present in the kirtan in the house of Srivasa Pandit, along with Gopinath, Jagadisa, Sriman, Sridhara, Vakresvara, Srigarbha and Shuklambar. (Chaitanya Bhagavat 2.8.115)

He was also one of the Lordís companions when he engaged in water sports in the Ganges. He was also one of the first to witness the Lordís displays of ecstatic love after he returned from Gaya. Mahaprabhu also told him to be present in Shuklambarís house where he publicly announced the transformation that had taken place.

[The Lord said,] ďYou [Sriman Pandit] and Sadashiva Pandit should also come tomorrow to Shuklambarís house. (Chaitanya Bhagavat 2.1.40)

Sadashiva, Murari, Sriman and Shuklambar, and all the Lordís other devoted followers assembled there. (Chaitanya Bhagavat 2.1.81)

On the same occasion, the Lord himself revealed to the world how dearly he considered Sadashiva by unveiling his secret pain to him.

ďI will reveal all my sadness to you [Sriman Pandit], Sadashiva and Murari Gupta. (Chaitanya Bhagavat 2.1.70)

When Mahaprabhu decided to put on a performance of Vraja lila in the house of Chandrasekhara Acharya, he gave the responsibility for costumes and makeup to Sadashiva and Buddhimanta Khan. Sadashiva was ecstatic to receive this order from the Lord.

The Lord called Buddhimanta Khan and Sadashiva and told them to go immediately to arrange for the actorsí costumes. (Chaitanya Bhagavat 2.18.7)

Overjoyed, Buddhimanta and Sadashiva immediately went home to fulfill the duties given them by the Lord. (Chaitanya Bhagavat 2.18.14)

Here [at the house of Chandrasekhara Acharya], Buddhimanta Khan and Sadashiva Pandit made all kinds of costume arrangements to help Lord Gauranga put on a performance as Lakshmi, so that the entire universe will become intoxicated by the singing of the Holy Names. (Bhakti-ratnakara 12.2903-4)

[Excerpted from "Sri Chaitanya: His Life & Associates" by Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj]

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